Going For a Business Trip in London? Here’s How to Book a Great Escort

You are going to London for a business trip and you have some free time. How will you utilize this time? Will you sit in your hotel bar and drink in silence, or will you stay in your hotel room and stay idle all day? Instead of getting bored, why don’t you hook up with a sexy London escort? If you choose to have fun, this checklist will help you have a successful experience in the new city.

Call in advance

Once you land and have to attend the numerous conferences and prepare for presentations, you might not have enough time to research on a good escort. Whether you are picky or not, taking time to select a suitable escort before you arrive is advisable. If you have ever hired an escort in the city previously and would want her services again, call her in advance. This will give her ample time to get herself ready for the service. If you choose to wait until you arrive in the town, you might find that your preferred escort has been booked by another client.

Be ready for extensive screening

Most escorts prefer to screen their new clients thoroughly to ensure their safety. When you tell them that you are from another town, it might give them an additional reason to screen you the more. It may take a while to screen you, thus do not be offended in case of any delays. Actually, this is another reason why you should call earlier. Also, do not be disappointed if an escort rejects you, as most prefer to stick to their regular clients.

Find time within your schedule breaks to set up a meeting

Study your schedule well to determine the free time when you can visit your escort. For instance, missing a lunch meal speech will not have negative implications on you thus this can be an awesome time to set up a date. Some evening sessions are also not that necessary. Some business trip schedules have time factored in for social activities such as exploring the city. This is a great time to book your date. Knowing your free time will enable you to inform your provider in advance so that you do not get disappointed.

Expect the rates to differ from those in your town

This is mostly for those visiting a totally different region. Just like your hotel and cab fees will be different, so will the escort charges. It may be less or more, depending on the cost of living in the town. Remember that upscale escorts tend to charge higher fees in large metropolitan cities. The best method of determining what you will pay is to check the escort’s profile before making a booking. If the costs are more, do not be discouraged. Instead, you can go for a lower escort level or budget for more cash for your extra desires.

Find out where you will be meeting the escort early

Before going to the in call location, ensure that you know where the place is. Ask for specific directions from the escort so that you can use the details to map up your destination in advance. In case you are planning to use GPS to find her, confirm the directions before heading out.

Make an excuse for slipping away from your colleagues in advance

Usually, when you are in a new town you will tend to make new connections. You are likely to travel in a group and your friends will also want to spend time with you. Create an excuse ahead of time. For instance, you can inform them that you will be meeting up an old friend for coffee, or even a relative. You might want to make your excuse sound real by giving a story about how you and your old friends haven’t met in a long time. All the same, ensure you have a plan that seems real so that your friends are not disappointed.

Book an outcall

If you are in a completely strange town, you can book an outcall to your hotel room. Paying for a cab to a sketchy area might not work out perfectly. if you choose an outcall, do not give the escort your room number. Instead, ask that you meet in the lobby or at the entrance. This will ensure your safety.

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